The Federal Geospatial Platform (FGP) is an internal to federal government website where a collection of the government’s most relevant data can be found easily and viewed on maps to support evidence-based decision making and foster innovation.

The FGP allows for the integration of economic, social, and environmental geospatial data from multiple departments and agencies to better support location-based decision making on a range of complex issues. The FGP plays an important role in supporting Open Government by ensuring geospatial data and applications are made available coherently to Open Maps on the Open Government Portal.

Federal employees can visit the platform at (government network).

Open Maps

Open Maps is a public website that leverages the Federal Geospatial Platform, where Canadians can easily access and view the federal government’s open geospatial data. On Open Maps, Canadians can:

  • Find data: Access economic, social and environmental geospatial data in one location. Download it directly to their desktop to enable more in-depth analysis.
  • Visualize data on a map: Overlay multiple data layers, including their own local data on maps to enable analysis of trends, data outliers, and relationships.
  • Create and share maps: Generate mapsto share them and to collaborate with others.

Visit the Open Maps website on the Open Government Portal.